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If you’re reading this you are probably making sure that your eyes are not playing tricks on you, thinking to yourself "suicide blogger"?  Well let me assure you the only trick being played is the one on you when you pay retail pricing on dealer provided equipment.  You can’t run down to Wal-Mart and pick up a Toshiba Business telephone system, nor can you order it from Toshiba if you are not a reseller.  And even if  your able to get a new PBX from one of these vendors, who is going to wire it up, This gives great opportunity for mark up’s I would say in the 60%-80% range.  Well maybe you don’t have a budget that allows for a $10k phone system that has all of the options you desire.  I would say the majority of local low voltage service providers consider an exclusive dealer contract their bread and butter, an almost guaranteed constant flow of national accounts installations and 3rd party maintenance revenue.  Although still true in most cases, the availability of once impossible to find items have become much easier with internet searches, eBay, and specialty companies that only sell reconditioned equipment. Selling only refurbished or conditioned equipment means they as well don’t have manufacture guidelines and pricing restrictions, map pricing, or sales figures that have to be met in order to keep a certain dealership level.  Basically being a dealer means you have to overcharge, over sell, and charge insane hourly rates to keep things running smoothly. 

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The first step to success is making sure your business is profitable and you’re not going over budget getting the doors open.  So I challenge you to get recommendations, consults, and equipment installation quotes from every company on this page, pricing, financing or leasing options, and anything else they throw at you.  I promise you we can meet all of your wants and needs, streamline and substitute equal and if not better hardware and save you more money than you think.  Of course none of this is any good without support and service, and we have a good number of reputable business owners that will be glad to offer up some piece of mind in service, or better yet the lack of need for service.

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DTS designed systems(phone, camera, Wi-Fi, etc.) function as advertised or better.  Understanding the technology that you provide is key in using it properly.  After design, all of our equipment is installed with 22 years of telecom & engineering skills you can’t learn in school, and maintained by people who consider customers to be family.  We want to provide you with a higher level of service, equally comparable products, and lower prices.  Doing business with DTS isn’t just like having a friend in the business; you also become a part of the DTS family that wants your business to succeed.

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