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Latest Ransomware Is Spreading, Attackers Demand $400 To Unlock Your PC - $800 If You Wait

New Ransomware Attack On PC’s - So Be Aware

ZDNet reports that a new ransomware campaign is in full effect, surging over the past few days as attackers look to exploit as many victims as possible. The ransomware is called GrandCrab, first emerging in January and ever evolving to generate maximum profit.  "Analysis by researchers at security company Fortinet found that three new samples of GandCrab 2.1 are being distributed as the payload in a single mass spam campaign," ZDNet writes.
According to researchers studying the ransomware:
"This means that newly created samples are being pushed simultaneously, possibly with different configurations, or simply in an attempt to evade specific file signatures."
The ransomware is comparatively affordable, demanding only $400 to unlock a device. The fee doubles if users don't pay in a certain time, $800 for the unaware and unlucky victims.

The Geeks of the BB Squad will charge you $150 and this is what people are saying about the service:

5 Stars / Josh / Titled (Geek Squad) “Geek Squad is awesome!! Guy was the best. Amazed!!”

To this I call BS and Josh is the Manager hiding in the back posting fake reviews and hiding from pissed off customers. If this is a real review, Josh’s wallet was shock n awed. Let’s not rule out huffing keyboard duster, that will have you seeing a shit load of stars. Josh may just need help with PTBBD, or post traumatic best buy disorder.

"If your PC is attacked I will personally remove ransomware for a flat fee of $140.."

1 Star / Uggg / Titled (Agent Tried Selling Us Another PC) “ Took our lap top to the Geek Squad with the protection policy expecting to have it fixed without any cost. We were told they needed to backup our files on an external hard drive so they wouldn't get lost. If we did it we would transfer any viruses over. We spent $150 for this service (we already spent $200 on the protection policy). The original problem was the computer would shut down while in word. Frank in the Schaumburg Geek Squad spent about 15 minutes trying to get us to buy an apple computer. Before he would check in our computer. The computer came back 2 days later and still does the same thing. Waste of $150 for the backup. I could have reformatted the drive myself.”

This sounds more like the customer service I experience from the big bully tech store who has no more Circuit City or HH Gregg across the street. Tisk tisk, your supposed to be the Best not the Bad buy.

"I will Include another, and this is the trend. Meaningless and broad 5 star comments, usually not even a complete sentence. Multi paragraph 1 star reviews, asking for the option to pick 0 stars might I add. Here we go -'"

1 Star / CLS128 / Titled (DO NOT BUY - SAVE YOURSELF THE FRUSTRATION) “ "0" Stars was not an Option, or I would've chosen it!! 2 Hours of my life that I will never get back! I purchased this "service" through www.bestbuy.com. It appeared as though it was going to save me time and hassle of having to take my computer to a Best Buy store to have the Geek Squad remove any virsus that maybe on my computer. I purchased this service, received my redemption code and instructions within the 15 minute time frame. I followed the instructions and kept getting an error message that my "order ID code" was invalid. I tried several times, then called the 800 number I received with the redemption code. 2 hour long story short, I had 2 different tech agents remote access my computer and they couldn't get the redemption code to work. I was then told to contact Best Buy because I had been speking with the Geek Squad tech support. They said it was an issue with the redemption number. I then called the toll free number for Best Buy. No one there knew anything either and transfer me to tech support. Again, they were unable to help me as they didn't even know about this service being offered. All they could suggest was transfering me to their order team and having a refund issued. The gentleman came back on the line after a few minutes and said that he explained to the order team representative what was going on, and was told that, even though they are not supposed to, they would issue me a refund which would show on my account within 5 to 7 business days. I thanked him for his help, but thought WTF, why wouldn't they be permitted to issue me a refund for a product that wouldn't work. So now I will wait and see if I get the FULL refund which would be the cost of the service, plus tax. I should've just taken my computer to the store to get fixed. It will take them about a week to service and cost me an additional $50 or so. Thanks for wasting my time online Best Buy Service!!!”

This is the way it is folks, and you have other options besides big name bullys like DTS, we are just a phone call away.  Let the solution come to you, so relax I got this :)

I have to say they are way overpriced, lack experience, and not driven by management to develop core customer satisfaction skills. My only advice is let them gain experience on somebody else's computer for that price. 35 years of daily experience sits behind two hands, for a lower price and not trying to sell you a new pc. God Bless the USA!"

Chad Dawson
DTS | 912-657-0529