DTS Basic and Premium TV Mounting Service Includes


TV Mounting to a frame wall (drywall) – mount sold separately
Neatly dress wires and cables
Program your remote control (cable box or satellite) to control TV

Connect TV to multiple video devices in the same room
Connect TV and video device(s) to Wi-Fi network
Route In-wall rated cables including power.  (Moving electrical outlet extra.)
Perform device updates as needed on new TV and video devices(s)
Configure up to 3 video streaming services
Provide education demonstration on functionality of TV and video device(s)

​*  Typical television install pricing & features.  Custom installs will vary depending on TV size, location, etc.

**Big chain stores require you to have an electrician to install or move power adding on average $150 to totals. 

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Standard TV Mounting *$129.99

Premium TV Mounting **$199.99

Why choose DTS over any other local company?  Pricing is not the only factor you should look at - pride in what we do & knowledgeable staff make us the best choice for everything A/V!  

We sell TV mounts, cables, and other a/v accessories with pricing less than local store giants.  We can typically save you %40 - %60 off their shelf price.  Don't believe just because your new TV is 4k that you need a $100 HDMI Monster cable.  Those are all marketing hype over sells they use for almost pure profit. 

Analog signals are rarely used when connecting devices, and were easily distorted with nearby power wire and components lack of proper noise shielding.  Today we use Ethernet, HDMI, SPDIF, Digital Optical(optical glass), and other forms of s that use a digital stream with error detection and correction applied with DAC's.  External DAC's are usually only used by audiophile's and have less jitter producing a precision in sound reproduction that most can't distinguish.  Jitter is the latency, lag, or missing info caused by error detection and DAC's are good at hiding from your ear any imperfection in sound reproduction.

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Servicing Savannah, Pooler, Garden City, Richmond Hill, Beaufort, Hilton Head, Bluffton, Rincon, Guyton & outlying areas.

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Complete your A/V World - We Want You To Buy Best, The Best For You & Your Budget

DTS has the most experienced Television installers in Savannah hands down.  Basic TV hangs start @ 129.  Unlike the big store competition, DTS provides you everything needed to get the job done right the first time, and every time.   We can add electric outlets behind the television mounting area as well as provide a hidden channel in the wall for all the cables.  Turn your mess of wires into a beautiful show piece, call today for your FREE on site quote!  Full home sound systems, theaters, custom built speakers, audiophile level lossless designs, and so much more.  Take advice from the floor associate with a entry level or maybe even a prosumer level sound system, or an audiophile with over $10k in just 2 Krell amplifiers as a base for audio reproduction.  No you don't need to spend a fortune on quality sound for your ear, but let us help you spend it where it benefits you, not the hype.

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